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Dr. Jeffrey Weiss is a board certified internal medicine specialist. Practicing inpatient and outpatient medicine, Dr. Weiss offers customized IV nutrient therapy proven to better your health and well being, in the comfort of a medical spa.


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I've never had vitamin infusions before so I was a little nervous to try one but as soon as I walked in and saw it was a medical office, I relaxed and felt relieved. I have been looking around for a way to feel more energized after an illness and was trepidatious to walk into a regular drip bar with no medical physician supervision. I called around and found this was the only one in the area that was supervised by a medical doctor in a doctor's office. When I walked into the office, I was escorted into the office immediately (no waiting in the waiting room since you book your infusion at specific times). I sat in a comfy recliner with plush pillows and a blanket. Soon after, Dr. Gabriella Weiss came and spoke with me about my symptoms, illness and which infusions would work best for me. I felt she was attentive, straightforward and truly listened and cared for my health and improvement. The Dr. instructed the Medical Assistant and I was hooked up to the IV shortly after. It didn't hurt and I sat there reading a magazine and relaxing for about 45 minutes. Now I know I will start to feel better soon with the extra boost of vitamins...I will continue going for the recommended biweekly sessions for the next couple of weeks and talk to the Dr. about going from there for maintenance. I'm excited that I will be getting extra nutrients that my body needs, since I've pretty much lost my appetite (an unfortunate side effect of my illness). I'm so grateful that there is a Dr. who cares and is doing this for the community in our area! NYC has a bunch of drip bars but they are ripoffs. Here, the prices are reasonable and I know I'm getting the specialized medical attention I need.

Barbara G.
Montclair, NJ

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