Hangover Cure

Alcohol inhibits anti-diuretic hormone (ADH), which is responsible for retaining fluids in your body. By inhibiting that hormone, it causes dehydration and the symptoms of dehydration (weakness, thirst, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and more). Alcohol also causes vitamin deficiencies.

IV hydration with IV multivitamins in high concentrations delivered intravenously (a modified "banana bag") can immediately reverse the symptoms of a hangover and give you a fresh start. It can also help prevent long-term damage from alcohol toxicity.

‚ÄčLong-term sequelae of alcoholism include anemia from B12 and folic acid deficiencies, cirrhosis (liver failure) from alcohol toxicity with subsequent complications including (but not limited to): kidney failure, lung failure, bleeding because of loss of liver's clotting factors as well as due to portal hypertension, dementia from Thiamine deficiency, confusion or coma from build up of ammonia, thrombocytopenia from bone marrow suppression and enlarged spleen, and more.